I believe that I saw “bliss” on the face of my grandson. A picture that I received today shows TH playing in the first deep snow in Chicago earlier this month. His head is tilted back and his tongue is out to catch a passing snowflake. The look on his face made me first think of pure joy, then i decided that bliss was also a great descriptor. Soon I will learn how to add or link to photographs so that i can share visal aspects of my life.

Earlier this week i talked about the passion test. I’ve also been reading and listening to audios by Carol Tuttle. Carol is an energy healer and spiritual teacher. She currently has a “free” audio and video on her website for our review during the holidays. You can check out these free materials about the angels in our lives when you visit her website.

I truly connected with her statement that if we change our energy we can changes our lives. I’ve always been fascinated by energy therapy. I’ve have received training in Reiki and EFT. Carol also has training in RET (rapid eye technology) as well as other areas.

Another day of sunshine and beautiful weather in the southeastern US. I’ve been in short sleeves most of the day. After running a couple of errands, I headed to the kitchen to try a new recipe I received from my daughter’s friend. The Almond Butter Toffee turned out pretty well. The difference in the recipe was that the syrup was cooked in the microwave until the color of brown sugar. It is a recipe that I will try again. Oh yes, I did taste test – it was good enough to share!


On my way to other things today, I received an email and followed the link to learn more bout the book “The Passion Test” by the Attwoods. The subtitle of the book – the efforless path to discovering your destiny- caught my attention as I seem to be on a path of discovery of life. What’s next? I have so many interests that it is hard for me to focus on just one thing, I always have mutliple ideas/projects in process. As i read more about “The Passion Test” I will share my thoughts. Interested? Check out www.thepassiontest.com

Beautiful Fall weather continues. A few light showers this morning – we could have used several inches in our area. The weather provided that extra incentive to accomplish a few things on the “to do” list. A look at the calendar and the realization that Christmas day is only twelve days aways may have also contribued to my moving a little faster. Yeah, I will see my precious grandchildren in 13 days!

As I wrapped presents, enjoying holiday music, the cats (JoJo and Tasha) slept in my desk chair. These two felines adopted me this past summer, and we have finally bonded into family. One is 7 years old and the other around 9 years of age, a best guess by the Vet.

Food for Thought: Will close with this quote that I rediscovered today.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes
you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is
people who are alive.”
– Gil Baillie

Decided to blog about life about 18 months ago when i first retired – that try was not successful, I’m back again. As an introvert it is sometimes hard to write information and share it in such an open way.

Today i had the opportunity to assist my cousin in serving 60 wonderful senior citizens that attended a Christmas lunch and program sponsored by our church. The attendees ranged in age from their 50’s to our precious twin sisters that turned 94 last.

The twins, Miss Bill and Miss Lill were both fabulous teachers in our community. Miss Bill taught me more about the structure of the English language than any other teacher in my many many years of school. We share a great love of books. Miss Bill introduced me to a broad range of fiction and nonfiction in our small library at the high schol. But most importantly, Miss Bill supported and believed in her students. She was the first person that i shared my letter of acceptance from the University of Georgia. Miss Bill, thanks for believeing in me — all those years ago and to this day.

The program today at the Senior Luncheon was filled with love, laughter, and wonderful music shared by a couple from out community. They were supported by a variety of “elfs” singing and dancing to “Heard it on the grapevine” and some “country bumpkins” dancing a jig and playing on their pretend instruments. To conclude the country Christmas, Santa arrived in shorts and barefeet with a bag of goodies- it was a warm day in East Central Georgia. There was much toe tapping, hand dancing, laughter and song shared by all.